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2013-05-17 03:08 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Friends Only

Currently not adding.

FO BANNER BY [tumblr.com profile] attractedtosin / [livejournal.com profile] endearest
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2017-07-08 03:05 pm


It's time for a win-win kind of icon battle :) Everyone who wants to sign up picks two caps, and after maybe 2 (? - flexible on this!) weeks everyone makes icons of the caps that are submitted. I'm not going to limit it anymore than that, but good hi-quality caps are appreciated by all.

This way, everyone can get lots of icons of some caps they like the look of, and this post will be unlocked and open to anyone who wants to participate, but not too many because so many caps!.

[personal profile] timetobegin | killjoys & wonder woman
[personal profile] negans | solace & grey's anatomy
[personal profile] skieswideopen | dark matter & timeless
[personal profile] tinny | Elementary & Lucifer
[personal profile] luminousdaze | Doctor who & Doctor who

The Spare Caps Pool aka bonus caps if you are bored.
lost girl

due date is Aug 1
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2015-03-01 11:20 am


I will be deleting most of my friends list. I spent my two hour dog walk trying to think of the right thing to say here, but i decided on its me; its me because i don't believe in facebook friends, i have one friend in real life, and my life has changed so much in the last year or two that i'm just not the same person i was in 2010, in 2004, in 2001 when i first started using LJ. I don't watch too much tv, i'm not a landcomm robot and i don't have as much time for the internet.

All of you at one time or another were good friends, even people i considered best friends. I wish you well and hope to see you around. I really do mean this, and i'm not removing anyone i consider to be someone i dislike, i want to use this journal in a different way, i need to have time for my real life, and i just don't think we're very good friends anymore.

And mostly, that's on me for not commenting and not knowing what to say and the like. For some of you we've drifted apart, for others i just never really made the effort to be the friend you deserve.

So sorry, and all the best.
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2014-08-14 07:51 pm

friends cut


due to time restraints and just being overwhelmed with everything I've decided to do a bit of a friends cut. I'm truly sorry to part ways with many of you, However I feel like I'm a terrible friend lately and its not fair to anyone.

Thank you <3
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2014-06-30 08:06 pm


I i'm not so great with light textures, but we'll give this a go!

I downloaded the set you gave me, but some of my favourite texture packs are these:
one | two | three | four

I like textures with mostly black backgrounds a lot of the time because screen layers are my favourite and when black goes on screen it disappears. So it means i can just see the other colours and stuff :) Light colours really work best on darker icons, so you need to consider the background of your icon & what colours would suit it.

I downloaded the texture pack you suggested & I have to admit i never use text textures.

this one in particular is quite good because you can set the layer to screen, and the black will go transparent. i LOVE black and white textures set to screen because you can see the different greys make for interesting work.

However the draw back to this particular texture is that you'd have to find a cap that fit it just right because it takes up most of the icon. In the first picture above, i've put the texture straight on, set to "screen". In the second icon, i left that first layer on screen, but erased out the text using a really soft brush so you can't really tell (hard lines show up when you use hard brushes a lot of the time.) i then re-sized the texture and added it as another layer on screen and erased around the text this time. This is probably more likely something i would actually do when using a texture. but that's mostly a personal preference because i don't like text much, or big text.
You can also use a lot of the light textures in this pack on screen. If its not a black background, but a dark coloured background it will give the icon colour as well as texture. eg
01. 02. 03.
01. I used one of the textures in the pack on screen, and i moved it down a bit so you can see the difference between the texture and how it looks without the texture - you can see that the bottom is quite blue & the top still has the natural browns of the cap i used.
2. the space texture was really quite cool. i added it on both sides of the icon and set it to screen. Its handy because 50% of the edges are soft so you can move it around to cover the areas you'd like to cover most.
3. again, this one has red-tones so it gives the icon more red when using it.
I have pretty much put these textures on so you can see how they work, i haven't put any thought into what makes a good icon, so when you are using them you'll need to think about why you're using this texture and if it does add something to it!


Overlay, Softlight & Hard Light do similar things to different degrees - this is kinda the reverse of screen & lighten in that i think it works best when the light colours are the background and the dark colours are the part you want to see. for example, i set the texture to overlay, soft light & hard light and got the following three results:
overlay: softlight : hard light:
overlay messes with the colours too much for my liking, and hard light is a bit harsh sometimes but i like soft light a LOT. its my second favourite after screen. :)

Some other textures and how i'd use them.
1. Is using textures as a background. this is how i like to use textures a LOT too. i just put the texture behind the cap & then erase everything but my subject. quite often i'll paint around the edges as well (i know i'm not going into much detail on this, but i can if you like.
2. My fave screen! i like this texture because i think this texture is the one i'd be most likely to use with this cap (with colouring and editing) because it reminds me of a storm. I'd most likely set it to screen but sort of edit away some of the edges and stuff.
3. This is set to color dodge! just because i didn't really use any of the other layer settings and i DO its just...usually by accident?

Honestly there aren't many tutorials on texture use because it really seems to be a case by case basis - you can't use most textures on multiple icons in the exact same way. this is a good guide

The best thing you can do with textures is to experimentttttt. i really don't use them often, i tend to make simple icons with crop + colour but only because i'm lazy. there are so many beautiful icons that use textures out there! Textures work great hand in hand with grungey colouring, blocking & backgrounds.
The most important thing to remember is that icons should help the icon, not be put on just because! if you don't think a texture adds something to an icon, don't use it.

ICONS I MADE with Textures

ICONS I REALLY LIKE with textures

by : petite_tomate, naive_astronaut, blue_emotion, absolutelybatty & naushika

I'm going to charge 5 points for this, because its long but mostly useless. if you want me to expand further i can, but it'd be best with textures if you could give me an example of what you'd like to achieve, or an icon & i'll show you the steps. unlike colouring, cropping & text it doesn't translate well!
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2014-03-23 02:10 pm

top five shows ever

i'm so predictable but whatever.

For a Challenge at [livejournal.com profile] universe_the

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2014-03-22 07:45 pm

Icon Battle!

Here are the results of an icon battle we did over the weekend! :D 12 icons by 5 different makers YAY fandoms include arrow, teen wolf, once upon a time, intelligence, supernatural, elementary, farscape, agents of shield, thor, haven, the walking dead & being human us

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2014-03-15 10:14 am

12 Cap Weekend Icon Battle

Here is how it works

1. Submit a (hi-res) cap here. FIRST IN FIRST SERVE. No more than one cap per fandom, so if your fandom is already taken you'll have to submit a new one.

2. Make icons of the 12 caps (you can start as soon as caps start rolling in.) ANYONE can participate. This post is also unlocked, feel free to bring your friends.

3. You can submit a cap and then not make any/all 12 icons. You can also make icons if you haven't submitted a cap.

4. On Late Sunday i'll post the results of this icon battle. (My Monday night) if you need a little more time keep me posted.

CAPs )
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2014-02-27 07:28 pm

i'm just going to make up for not posting by having lots of posts.


I can't decide which cake to get for my birthday. I'm open to getting two. BUT like, overboard is bad because too much cake is not as fun as it sounds.

Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Baileys Frosting, Baked Caramel Cheesecake, Double Chocolate & Baileys Gateau, Banoffie Pie

The pictures aren't great because the dessert place is good at cake but not so great at websites. Do you ever just get the urge to be like dammit son let me do your website for you.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 22


View Answers

Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Baileys Frosting
5 (22.7%)

Baked Caramel Cheesecake
7 (31.8%)

Double Chocolate & Baileys Gateau
6 (27.3%)

Banoffie Pie
1 (4.5%)

Something else
0 (0.0%)

goddamnit get it all
3 (13.6%)

poll is dw-only sorry. the post is unlocked but you need an account to vote i think.?
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2014-02-01 09:18 pm

well that sucks

I'm sorry but i've had to do a friend cut. I really was wanting to avoid this, and i literally feel awful because i've removed people who are lovely but whom i may not have connected with, or you haven't updated lately, etc.

The reasons are simply so i can keep up with my flist. I really mean no hard feelings.

However if you want to be defriended, feel free to defriend me at any time, i really don't care (well i do, but not like crying about it care, you know? I really am sorry.

I also may be removed people that i either have on LJ OR DW but don't need on both. Its simply a double post thing. let me know if you prefer the opposite to which i have defriended you?

I MIGHT HAVE ACCIDENTLY defriended people whom i don't have on LJ/DW but THOUGHT i did or i removed you in both by accident. If you think thats you, please let me know.

comments are screened.
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2014-02-01 02:38 pm

literally the greatest socks in the world

[livejournal.com profile] baldie_troll made me socks. THEY ARE AMAZINGGGGGGGGG. they are literally beautiful and knitted via witchcraft.


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2013-11-01 09:35 am
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Friending Meme

Maybe its Summer for you (and meeee TWINS) but also Winter is Coming for a whole bunch of you, and i've been meaning to introduce some of my friends to some of my other friends, so here it is, FRIENDING MEME. The more people that get involved, the more successful this will be so pimppimppimp!

copy/paste to find new friends :

pimp it out so this works!
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2013-10-26 08:54 pm


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2013-10-24 10:31 am

Long Weekend Icon Battle of AWESOME

ALRIGHT FOLKS. I have a long weekend, so lets do a (small) icon battle.

Submit a high-quality cap here if you want to, and then anyone can take part. There will be a maximum of 10 caps. Even if you don't submit a cap, you can still make icons. If you don't finish all the icons, give me them anyway.

DUE DATE FOR CAPS : this time tomorrow(ish) first 10 in, first 10 served.
DUE DATE FOR ICONS : this time on Monday.


1. major crimes
2. arrow
3. almighty johnsons
4. sleepy hollow
5. s.h.i.e.ld
6. Garrow's Law
7. haven
8. sleepy hollow
9. luther
10. elementary

EXTRA CAPS (optional because we can never decide!)
elementary 2
elementary 3
elementary 4
garrow's law 2
garrow's law 3
shield 2
shield 3
Haven 2
Sleepy Hollow 2
Sleepy Hollow 3
luther 2
luther 3
plus more shield caps here

This post is unlocked, feel free to bring your friends.
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2013-08-06 05:42 pm

teen wolf 310

argahsh;fldksjg 2 to go after this

teen wolf )
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2013-07-30 05:28 pm

teen wolf 309

As always, bad bits at the end.

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2013-07-02 12:16 pm
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for [community profile] the_deepbluesea

5 favourite stargate sg-1 episodes

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2013-06-02 02:01 pm


for a challenge at [community profile] the_deepbluesea

5 reasons why you should bet watching Orphan Black right now. Mostly spoiler free, other than the basic plot you get in the first couple of episodes.

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