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5 reasons why you should bet watching Orphan Black right now. Mostly spoiler free, other than the basic plot you get in the first couple of episodes.

1. Tatiana Maslany

Probably the greatest actress since Anna Torv, she can play up to 5 or 6 DIFFERENT characters flawlessly. She's even able to play a character who is impersonating another character that she normally plays.

On top of that, she's able to play them all with real emotions, characteristics and flaws while doing scenes with HERSELF. I just can't deal with how good she is on screen, and even if you're not all that into the plot (which gets much better after the pilot, watch it for here. Its worth it

Plus, she's really pretty. And there are costumes and wigs. Who doesn't love dress up?

2. The Plot

Firstly, there are clones. Which is SUPER GREAT to be honest because it means there is a little science in the fiction, and on top of that it deals with all sorts of ethical and moral issues surrounding clones like can you ship a clone with another clone? Or does it count as killing someone if you're only killing a version of yourself? ALSO are your fingerprints the same. Nature vs Nuture andddddd what on earth is going on because CLONES.

The plot moves FAST. So fast that it frequently answers your questions while at the same time giving you more, and in the meantime making you feel actual feelings for all the characters, as you learn their motivations and quirks.

It doesn't leave you hanging, while at the same time makes you want to come back for more and more and moreeeeeeee. Instead of ALMOST going somewhere, it frequently does things that you don't expect, and realistically what would happen.

3. Supporting Character

Lets be real, the more characters that are well developed, the more fun it is, and these characters are all tropey because well...clones, gotta be able to tell them apart but at the same time being very individual and having different relationships with each other. WHAT FUN.

The non-clone characters are also delightful, and Felix is a great brother and friend who everyone loves. Plus you've got a lot of cops and shady science dudes and characters of the week, and just SO MANY LADIES. Lots of characters you start off disliking and then realise how awesome they are. All are real characters dealing with extraordinary things which makes the unexpected plot lines even more realistic.

The characters are also pretty diverse, while having a cast that is at least 50% the same actress. so good job there.

4. because of reasons

- SHIPS lots of ships :D plus basically everyone in fandom ships the canon ships as well as non-canon ships and that's nice.
- ITS ONLY 10 episodes. Get into it while its still easy :D
- ITS GOT A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING. there is a crime show, a scifi show, a drama, a comedy, its funnyyyyy, its addictive and it has a lot going on JAM PACKED FULL OF FLAWLESSNESS
- Alison is the best soccer mom ever
- female writer
- felixxxxxxxxxx
- unf

Plus it has some really great meta surrounding the nature vs nurture aspect of the show, the science of clones and there really aren't any plot holes (yet). Whoever the writers are they are doing an amazing job keeping the plot tight and interesting. JUST REALLY WATCH IT I JUST CAN'T.


This is a female lead show. I know this shouldn't be something that is rare on TV, but we know it is and that is sad. There are a lot more female characters than male characters, and the focus is on the ladies and the men are mostly plot devices for the ladies.

The Addition of clones into the mix shows a strong message that you can DO WHAT YOU WANT and be what you want, as they all have different personalities and occupations. Its ok to be a soccer mom, a cop, or a scientist.

Each week, we learn more and more about them as individuals, and we learn next to nothing about most of the men. Its refreshing and delightful.

Its also a bit different to see a fandom so focused on the ladies, the femslash & het ships rather than having one main driving slash ship.


watch this show you won't regret it i promise.
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So proud of you, Tash. :D

Also A+ reasons. Everyone should watch!
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Okay, you've won me over. Where does one watch this show? (Is it online somewhere? On a specific channel?)
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Awesome, thanks!
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All 10 episodes are available on thevault community on DW if you're not able to find it via legit methods
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All of your reasons are GOOD and VALID and people should just WATCH it...but you really only need reason 1, tbh. Tatiana Maslany is SO good, I have to remind myself that Cosima and Allison and Sarah and Helena are all played by THE SAME ACTRESS. It blows my mind at least once per episode.
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*sigh* looks like I"m gonna have to add this to my list.
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I agree with this post.

all sorts of ethical and moral issues surrounding clones like can you ship a clone with another clone?

I should go watch the season finale.