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top five shows ever

i'm so predictable but whatever.

For a Challenge at [livejournal.com profile] universe_the

Proving i have a soft spot for campy scifi & fantasy...

ONE.Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I really can't even express how much this show means to me. It literally made my teenage years better. It represents so much about being an outcast and finding your inner strength that really resonated with me as a younger person. I think its where i first found my footing as a person of my own, different to those around me. Plus its amazingly well written, cheesy, fun and heartbreaking that i think its the perfect combination of show. I related to basically all the characters at one point or another, not to mention watched the episodes a million times.

TWO.Stargate Sg-1

This is a recent viewing for me, I watched it after it stopped airing which is kinda sad really becuase i would have loved to be involved while it was airing! Stargate is so perfectly camp sci-fi! Its got really heartwarming stories and characters who are amazing. I loved it right through the 10 seasons, which is telling as most of the other shows on this list are shorter, more succint shows which imo makes them a little less likely to get stale. Plus Valaaaaaa.

THREE.Legend of the Seeker

I don't even know why i love this show so much. Its awful. :D But the magic and story of this show & some of the storylines in the books is the perfect combination. I love the characters so much, how they fight against the odds and of course adorable romance. Which is not even something i really like but in this case, perfection.


This show is about nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things, which i loveeeee. Its really sometimes number 1 up there with Buffy, and i actually love that its short. (lets be real i wouldn't have minded a whole season) Its characters are so diverse and yet they have built a family unit in space.


I recently might not put Angel in the top five, but i just rewatched seasons 1-3 and it really really belongs there. I love the characters, the myth, the darker tone to Buffy (although lets be real its not even that dark sometimes)

The common theme in all these shows is Found Familiesssssss which is my favourite thing in the whole wide world and makes me happy. I love seeing friendships and loyalty and just people having fun times in the midst of shenanigans and...space. or magic. or aliens. or scifi. :D

also because i feel like this was reallllly hard and i was like YOU CAN JUST PUT 3 JOSS WHEDON SHOWS IN THE TOP and then i was like, nope self yes you can, here are the other 5 that make up the top 10 shows of alllll time:

Top 5 Ended shows not on this list: Veronica Mars, Alias, Battlestar Galactica, Wonderfalls & Avatar: the last Airbender
Top 5 Currently Airing shows that could make this list: Orphan Black, Teen Wolf, Arrow, Agents of Shield & Hart of Dixie

This doesn't even look like 2.5 hours of work. have some icons
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I need to do an Angel rewatch. And Buffy. And Legend of the Seeker. I'd say Firefly, too, but I've watched it like 3 times this year already, lol.
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Lol true. :D
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A+ choices

at least four of your Top 10 would make it into my Top 10. I always find it hard to choose though because there are shows that are brilliant, but which I'm not fannish about, so I never know whether or not to include them. Like, do I include The West Wing even though I never felt the urge to get involved in it's fandom? Or do I bump it for something that isn't as great, quality-wise, but that I'm more invested in fannishly? TOUGH CHOICES.

That Sam icon is PRETTY!
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Yeah, I think shows like that (FNL, West Wing, The Killing) would make my Top 20, but not my Top 10. Top 10 is reserved for genre shows I obsess/obsessed over, even if they aren't that great quality-wise :)

Also, I cheat a bit because I merge SGA/SG1 into one show for the purpose of including it in my Top 10. Because I only love the first 3 seasons of SGA and the last two season of SG1.
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but I LOVE your predictability
A+ for found families.
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Kinda a little predictable ;P but ahh, good choices. :D Also, love both of the icons.
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okay so not really. but still great shows! I can't even imagine trying to make a top 5 of all time list. holy cow!

also, that Sam icon- so pretty! I want that haaaaaaair