timetobegin: (trek | spock)
timetobegin ([personal profile] timetobegin) wrote2014-02-01 09:18 pm

well that sucks

I'm sorry but i've had to do a friend cut. I really was wanting to avoid this, and i literally feel awful because i've removed people who are lovely but whom i may not have connected with, or you haven't updated lately, etc.

The reasons are simply so i can keep up with my flist. I really mean no hard feelings.

However if you want to be defriended, feel free to defriend me at any time, i really don't care (well i do, but not like crying about it care, you know? I really am sorry.

I also may be removed people that i either have on LJ OR DW but don't need on both. Its simply a double post thing. let me know if you prefer the opposite to which i have defriended you?

I MIGHT HAVE ACCIDENTLY defriended people whom i don't have on LJ/DW but THOUGHT i did or i removed you in both by accident. If you think thats you, please let me know.

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