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Althea Vestrit | Archie Panjabi
Althea is the daughter of a liveship family, and has spent many years serving as the obligatory family member on the Vivacia, with Kyle, her sister's husband as the captain. She leaves to find her own way when her father dies and the ship is passed on to Kyle instead of her.

Kyle Haven | Julian McMahon
Kyle is a jerk. And thinks he knows everything. and Captains the Vivacia.

Wintrow Haven | Aramis Knight
Wintrow is Althea's nephew and was sent to learn to be a priest of Sa. However Kyle forces him to be the family member on the Vivacia instead. He does not wish to be a sailor, however forges a bond with Vivacia. Kyle tries to teach him to "be a man" with varying results while he questions his divided loyalty between Sa & Vivacia

Kennit | Robert Downey Jr
Kennit is a Pirate and he wants to be king of the pirates. He chases slave ships and wishes to catch his own Liveship.

Brashen Trell | Stephen Amell
Brashen is from another liveship family, but left to forge his own path. intially first mate on the Vivacia, he leaves rather than be under Kyle. He ends up watching over Althea as she boards another ship under the guise of a boy.

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I know nothing about this book (series?) but NGH Julian McMahon and Archie Panjabi.
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I appreciate the character descriptions! From those, it looks like you made really good choices, and I like the picspam style a lot.