Well, um. Whoops?

Mar. 19th, 2017 04:32 pm
goodbyebird: Stranger Things: 11 in the Upside Down. (Stranger Things 11)
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I... shall try not to vanish again?

Due to my legs being kind of shit lately, whenever I've had down time on the boat I've been on the bed immediately, hence no computer. No computer, no dw. I used to check dw a lot on mobile before, but then I started getting logged out every single time I tried to click anything, and that's still not been fixed.

But, I. AM. HOME. Having lived on the boat almost since October, this is certainly going to be a nice change of pace! I did get my mitts on Horizon: Zero Dawn, and in only a few days I shall be back in outer space with the new Mass Effect!!! Do wish they'd spaced it out a bit more, but hah, guess I'm just going to have to juggle. Anybody on PS4 btw? The multi-player looks like a lot of fun, but all my pals are on PC *sob*

In other news, I've started a pin collection, and also amassed a nice starting bundle of board games. Going to do my darnedest to get my rl friends into playing some. All I've managed so far is unbox, unpack, and pop the cardboard, plus play one session of Eldritch Horror by myself. I can see that being a lot of fun with other people! I did win, so I probably need to brush up on the rules a bit more tho hehe. Next up I'll try Pandemic Iberia, as that's a board game I enjoy tons solo. Since we already have the basic version up at the cabin, I opted for the super pretty limited edition one *_*

Currently dl first season of The Expanse, premiere of The Americans, and also latest ep of Legion. Mmmmmm broadband.

Aaaand yup, that's about it! Oh OH! My friend has a new puppy that I'll get to see soon!! That's also very exciting, I'll make sure to share the cuteness ;)